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Baujahr / Built in:


Pilot oder Besitzer / Pilot or owner:

Mario Maksimilijan Hrelja

Stationiert in / Stationed in:


Motor / Engine:

340 hp Textron Lycoming GSO-480-B1J6 piston engineLeistung / Performance:

Maximum speed: 295 km/h (159 knots, 183 mph) at 1,500 m (5,000 ft) Cruise speed: 280 km/h (151 knots, 174 mph) Stall speed: 88 km/h (48 knots 55 mph) Range: 800 km (475 NM, 500 mi)
Abmessungen / Measurement:

Length: 7.93 m (26 ft 0¼ in) Wingspan: 10.64 m (34 ft 11 in) Height: 3.00 m (9 ft 10in) Wing area: 17.0 m² (183 ft²)

Max. Abfluggewicht / Max. takeoff weight:

1624 kg (3,580 lb)

Weitere Informationen / More information

The aircraft was specially designed for low-altitude missions against day and night visible ground targets in a broad area. It was readily available to be loaded with weapons and supplied through a flexible system of auxiliary airfields that required no special preparations, especially in mountainous regions. Yugoslav military planners assumed that potential aggressor will first disable airfields. Therefore, J-20 Kraguj was designed to take-off from short unprepared runways, even ones covered in deep snow when fitted with skis. It was also called a "Partisan aircraft". The Kraguj was intended for close ground force support, and could be used for training of pilots in visual day/night.