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Piper PA28R Cherokee Arrow III
Baujahr / Built in:


Pilot oder Besitzer / Pilot or owner:

Øystein Sandal

Stationiert in / Stationed in:


Motor / Engine:

Lycoming IO-360-C1C6Leistung / Performance:

Abmessungen / Measurement:

Wingspan 10,8 meters; Length 7,5 meters

Max. Abfluggewicht / Max. takeoff weight:

1247 Kg

Weitere Informationen / More information

A well known design from Piper. This particular aircraft is a version with retractable gear and long range tanks offering an endurance of seven hours which makes it ideal for crusing. The Aircraft was damaged in a hangar collapse due to heavy snowfall in 2002 and rebuild, which explains the more modern paint scheme than one should expect from the era.