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Harvard AT6A
Baujahr / Built in:


Pilot oder Besitzer / Pilot or owner:

J.A. Wesdorp

Stationiert in / Stationed in:


Motor / Engine:

P&W R1340Leistung / Performance:

600 PS
Abmessungen / Measurement:

Span: 12,8m, Length: 8,84m

Max. Abfluggewicht / Max. takeoff weight:

2460 kg

Weitere Informationen / More information

Built at the North American Aviation plant in Dallas in 1942 after which it has flown as an advanced trainer with the Army Air Corps (and later US Air Force) at various bases throughout the USA. After the war, the aircraft was sold to the Swedish air forces to train Swedish Air Force pilots. Retirement from military duty saw the aircraft being sold to Denmark, where it was outfitted with equipment for sky writing. After a brief career in Denmark as a sky writer, it was sold to Germany, for more sky writing work. In 1961, sold to Skylight in The Netherlands, again as a sky writer. After over three decades of hard duty there, the current owner bought the aircraft in 1995 and commenced on a 9-year total restoration. The aircraft is now stationed at the grass runways of Hilversum airfield and is mainly used for fun formation flying.