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Welcome to the official 54st Hahnweide 2020 homepage.
We warmly welcome our participants from the United Kingdom, India, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Poland, South Africa, the Czech Republic,
Slovenia, the Netherlands and Australia who once again this year will spare neither expense nor effort to participate in our competition!


Cancellation of the Hahnweide Competition 2020
Monday, 30. March 2020 - 07:56

Dear fellow pilots and friends of the HWW,

COVID-19 continues to have a firm grip on public life in Europe. As a consequence, the Fliegergruppe Wolf-Hirth e. V. has decided to cancel the Hahnweide Competition 2020.

A safe execution of the Hahnweide Competition would have required a quick improvement of the situation in order not to expose our participants, spectators and helpers to any risk of infection. This improvement would also have been necessary quickly in order to ensure that all those involved had sufficient time to prepare for the safe execution of the competition. If one believes the current forecasts on the progress of the pandemic, it is impossible that these conditions will be met.

We wish you all the best for the coming weeks and months and look forward to welcoming you to the 54th International Hahnweide Competition in 2021.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself,

The HWW-Orga-Team

Information on current developments
Thursday, 19. March 2020 - 06:25

Dear fellow pilots and friends of the HWW,

In recent days, the Covid-19 virus has largely taken possession of public life in Europe. The "Corona Ordinance Baden-Württemberg" of March 17th prohibits meetings in clubs, sports and leisure facilities and also orders the closure of private and public sports facilities and sports grounds.

The ordinance is in force until the 15th of June, with the Ministry of Social Affairs being authorised to change the date of expiry. Against this background, we will monitor the development of the situation to check whether the implementation of HWW20, if permitted, is safely possible. In these considerations, the safety of our participants, spectators and helpers as well as our social responsibility will always have the highest priority.

We wish all friends of the Hahnweide competition and their families all the best.

The HWW-Orga-Team

list of participants HWW20
Saturday, 1. February 2020 - 22:00

The participant lists are online. Please check your status from time to time. If we receive an IGC file with an engine run before the competition, then no engine test run is necessary during the competition.

Advertisement and Invitation HWW20
Thursday, 2. January 2020 - 06:47

The Advertisement and Invitation is available in the download area.

Thursday, 5. December 2019 - 10:29

The Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth invites you to the 54th International Hahnweide Gliding Competition from May 16 to May 23, 2020.

Again we will probably have five classes: Standard, 15m, 18m, Two-Seater and OpenClass. 

Enjoy flights over the Swabian Alb and the Black Forest. We will do our best to offer you a relaxed and eventful week at the Hahnweide! 


The online registration will be opened on January 4th at 10am and remain open until January 11th at 10 am (CET).

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The 54th HWW is over!

Webcam auf der Hahnweide

Webcam auf der Hahnweide

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