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Welcome to the official 54st Hahnweide 2022 homepage.
We warmly welcome our participants from the United Kingdom, India, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Poland, South Africa, the Czech Republic,
Slovenia, the Netherlands and Australia who once again this year will spare neither expense nor effort to participate in our competition!


Gridding after the briefing
Friday, 27. May 2022 - 07:00

Day 7

Good morning, dear Hahnweid pilots! Our meteorologist is still searching for a weather window for today's competition...
Gridding after the briefing. Enjoy the quiet morning! 

Open class in final glide
Thursday, 26. May 2022 - 18:00

Uli Schwenk & Matthew Scutter on the two-seater ETA are leading the Open Class. They already have final approach altitude and will arrive in a few minutes. 


Winners of yesterday's competition day
Thursday, 26. May 2022 - 14:17







Lunch at the Wolf Hirth Hangar
Thursday, 26. May 2022 - 12:37

Dear spectators of the International Hahnweide Competition.

As already written in advance, not all classes will take-off today. It is expected that only 53 of a total of 105 gliders will be able to fly a competition day. The reason for this is that, according to the forecast, the flying conditions for today will not improve until the afternoon. This means that the usable time window will not be sufficient for all competition classes. The pilots of the 18m class and the two-seater class, which already have one more day of scoring, may take a break today for Father's Day.

At the moment we are dealing with cloudy skies, which severely limit thermal activities. Therefore, the first start will be delayed by quite some time.

Lunch in the Wolf Hirth Hangar

There will be plenty of time to enjoy the culinary delights provided by the members of the Wolf Hirth Flying Group in our hangar.


We have something for everyone, from creamy mushroom ragout with napkin dumplings to steak, various sausages, homemade salads, buttered pretzels and freshly baked cake. 

Pilzragout Brezel


Come along and enjoy it! Besides, you can get in the mood with impressions of the last flying days on our monitor in the hangar.


The documents of the Pilot Event Marker Briefing are now online.
Thursday, 26. May 2022 - 10:22

The documents of the Pilot Event Marker Briefing are now online in the download section of the website.

Gridding for Open, 15m and Standard Class
Thursday, 26. May 2022 - 09:58


In the meantime, there is hardly anything left of the blue sky. As meteorologist Jupp had already correctly recognised this morning, our weather is affected by shielding, accompanied by strong winds. Only in the afternoon should conditions improve for our pilots. See his forecast for yourself:


The 18m class and the double seater class have been cancelled for today due to the weather window which is expected to be usable late.

For the other three classes, the start set-up has now begun. Today's starting order: Open class in front, followed by 15m class and standard class.

Next information expected around 12:30 pm.

Gridding after briefing
Thursday, 26. May 2022 - 07:27


Even if it doesn't look like this morning: our day will probably be dominated by an occluding front. We expect a short weather window in the late afternoon. Gridding after the briefing. 

Enjoy the wonderful morning with bright blue sunshine! Happy Father's Day!!

Enjoy your meal
Wednesday, 25. May 2022 - 19:56



Today evening starting from 7 p.m. BBQ
Wednesday, 25. May 2022 - 15:04


Starting from 9 p.m. its Party time!


All gliders in the air
Wednesday, 25. May 2022 - 12:14

Super performance by the launch team, the tow pilots and the entire ground staff. All 105 gliders were in the air in less than 1:30 hours.

The last aircraft to take off was the Eta, flown by Uli Schwenk and Matthew Scutter. It has a fabulous wingspan of 31 metres, making it the largest glider in the world. Only a few examples were built worldwide, two of them are flying here at the Hahnweide competition.


We wish all pilots a good flight!

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The 54th HWW is over!

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