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Bulletin No. 1 17. Dez. 2010 - 11:26 Uhr
Hello “Oldtimer” pilots,
hello friends,
hello „fans“ of the Oldtimer Meeting Hahnweide!
It’s time to get busy again!
Since September 2010 preparations for the 16th Oldtimer Fliegertreffen, whichwill take place from 02th 09th to 04th 09th 2011 at Hahnweide airfiled, have entered their „hot phase“.
During the whole flying season 2010 we were in contact with our friends in the domain of vintage airplanes, and we met at various meetings in Europe and made arrangements for 2011.
I remember particularly well an airshow with our friends of the „Weiße Möwe (white seagull) at Wels (http://www.wmw.at/), under a burning hot sun.
Walter and Toni Eichhorn were there, Mikael Carlson with his Bleriot and the triplane, Volker Radon and Andreas Haferkorn with his team and the „Rote 7“, flown by Klaus Plasa, many Oldtimer pilots who were already Hahnweide, and of course our friends from Wels, with their flying beauties.
The aerodrome of Wels appears to be shaken by „turbulences“ because of desires concerning the estate and the flyers have initiated an appeal to sign a petition (see the link http://www.wmw.at/flugplatz/petition ) for the preservation of the airfield. I would really like you to give your support to our friends! Thanks!
Several pilots will certainly bring their aircraft to Hahnweide during the week predeeding the meeting; and we will report in due time about all activities.
We shall again try to present all the six Junkers 52 in flight over Hahnweide airfield on the afternoon of Friday September 02nd at about 14:30 p.m. if the weather permits. All the six of them were at Hahnweide in 2009, though only on the ground. Keep your fingers crossed!
All those who fancy a flight from Dübendorf to Hahnweide in a Junkers, or back again in the afternoon should book the flight as soon as possible because the flights, especially the ones arriving at Hahnweide, are nearly all booked. If interested please refer to the link http://www.wolf-hirth.de/ott11/rundfl.php to find more information. We are sorry to announce that the new Air Traffic Tax, which will become effective in Germany in January, may have increased prices as a consequence. We’ll keep you informed about the developments, and publish the revised prices on the web.
We’ve had talks with many of the „Top acts“ of the Oldtimer scene, and signed some contracts. But there is still much more to be done.
We’d also like to try one more time tu bring Iren Dornier and his Dornier 24 to Hahnweide. However, to do so we need a sponsor. So if you think your company could do with a bit of advertising by taking your clients around Stuttgart or Oberpfaffenhofen, with a passage over Hahnweide, in this superb airplane then send us an e-mal to (oldtimer@wolf-hirth.de ).
Marc „Leon“ Mathis, Christophe Jacquard, our friends of the Amicale Jean Baptiste Salis of La Ferte Alais, Frederic Akary, Michel Beaudoin, Philippe Chabert, Peter Teichmann and many more from the „warbird party“ have already agreed to come to Hahnweide., as well as many rare birds of general aviation. Andreas Bucher and Dieter Gehling, whom I frequently met during my flights to Braunschweig and Stadtlohn, will be at Hahnweide with their wives – I’ll be pleased to meet them!
We’ll keep you informed of course. But unfortunately we’ll have to limit the number of airplanes admitted to land at Hahnweide since parking space is in very short supply at our airfield.
In January we’ll start publishing the list of participants, and keep it up-to-date so you can follow the developments day by day.
Our Oldtimer friend Lorenz Gobbel reminded us already in the last year that a famous German airplane, the Fieseler Storch had made its first flight as early as 1936. Thank you indeed. Lorenz! We’ll try to invite all of the registered Fieseler Storchs in Europe as well as the clones under licence, to join us for the meeting with the slogan “75 years of Fieseler Storch Flying”. If you can help us by establishing contacts with owners of unknown Storchs please send us an e-mail to (oldtimer@wolf-hirth.de ). Dirk Bende has been very helpful in these matters with his advice, thank you Dirk!
Our hosts will again be Jörg and Jochen, with the occasional help of Dirk; I’m really happy with this!
The air traffic controllers Jochen Haas as the „boss“, Peter, Steffie and Roland will assure fast and efficient traffic control while Marc and his experienced crew will look after the taxi and parking arrangements. Great!
Stefan has edited an ingenious „advent calender“ for Hahnweide fans and you can open a little door every day on the web, to find fantastic pictures. It’s really fun!
Now in the days before Xmas I want to draw your attention to our „Hahnweide Oldtimer Calender 2011“. Made by Stefan the wonderful photos may help make the waiting time until the meeting a bit shorter.
We also find that the DVDs of 2007 and the double DVD of 2009 make a perfect Christmas present for Oldtimer enthousiasts.
Now this is the end of our News Bulletin No 1 for the 16th “Oldtimer Fliegertreffen” at der Hahnweide airfield, on September 02nd through 04th 2011.
We wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and hope to meet you in September, in perfect weather, when it’ll again be: „Augenweide, Ohrenweide, Hahnweide“ (A delight for your eyes, a delight for your ears, a delight for the Hahnweide).
Yours truly
Hans Puskeiler
Director of the meeting
Oldtimer Fliegertreffen
Hahnweide, December 1st 2010

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