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Baujahr / Built in:


Pilot oder Besitzer / Pilot or owner:

Alain Bes

Stationiert in / Stationed in:

Montelimar LFLQ

Motor / Engine:

Leistung / Performance:

Abmessungen / Measurement:


Max. Abfluggewicht / Max. takeoff weight:


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Musée Européen de l'Aviation de Chasse Aérodrome de Montélimar Ancone26200 MontélimarTel : +33 4 75 53 79 49 Fax : +33 4 75 01 51 89 FICHE DE COMMENTAIRESWarning :This leaflet may be used by airshows presenters during the Bronco displaysHistorical elementsOV-10A- This plane was built to fulfill the USAF, USMC and US Navy specs in the framework of the COIN program (Counter Insurgency). Preliminary studies were launched in 1962, but the plane needed to be used in Vietnam very fast. As the carrying capacity was too small, her autonomy too short and the armouring too weak the Bronco will be used for Forward Air Control. This plane has replaced the Cessna O-2A Skymaster). The last OV-10D have been used in 1991 during the gulf war. They were equipped with 1410 cv turbines. The plane which replaced the OV10 Bronco is the Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II.Missions : Forward Air Control : locating of the ground targets and guiding the fighting planes to these targets. The plane is equipped with smoke bombs. Locating the pilots fallen into the enemy lines and guiding their rescue.Maiden flight date : 15 August 1966 - Colombus (Ohio)Nb of built planes: 309 still existing : < 20Users : USAF - US MC - US Navy - Marocco - Thailand - Philippines - Colombia

English: OV-10B :Derived from the american version by the cancellation of the weapons pods and the replacement of the rear metallic cone by a glass cone, this plane was equipped to be used as a target tow. The crew is composed of a pilot and a target operator aft seated and looking to the target. The OV-10B(Z) has a supplemental jet engine GE J85 with a thrust of 1340 kg placed on the back of the plane, this jet engine was cancelled due to the occurrence of many problems.Assignement :Luftwaffe target tug based in Lübeck MBL Maiden flight date : 21 September 1970 Columbus ( Ohio)Nb of built planes: 24 still existing : 3Users : LuftwaffeELEMENTS TECHNIQUESTurbines : 2 x GARRETT T-76-G-411Thrust : 715 cvMaxi speed : 450 km/hArmament : OV-10A : 4 x 7,62 mm machine guns in pods - Bombs - Rocket launchers OV-10B : NilMiscellaneous: Possible big speed differences – Panoramic view – Landing very short thanks to very low approach speed and very strong landing gear. Exceptionnal agility due to very efficient steering devices. Easy maintenance : turbines, steering devices, beams and landing gears can be placed either on left or rightThe displayed plane 99 + 24 F-AZKMPresently, it’s the only collector’s Bronco flying in the world. Flying to Montélimar on 11 December 1991, it flew again on February 1997 thanks to the Flight Test Center staff from Istres This plane was received thanks to the twin towns of Montélimar and of Ravensburg and the plane is named “City of Ravensburg”. This Bronco is a part of the 12 OV-10B (Z) which have had a jet engine placed on the back. Due to serious piloting problems, this engine was dismanteled after 18 hours of flight. Then the plane was set up again to the OV-10B standard . Germany was supposed to get 12 OV-10B(Z) with the jet engine on the back and 6 OV-10B. In fact, 18 identical machines have been used without any jet engine. Delivered to the MBL in 1970, this plane was used as target tow for training the Luftwaffe pilots. The target was placed under the belly of the plane, the winch was placed into the fuselage and the target operator aft seated looking to the target. Only Germany has used the Bronco as a target tug. Presently, only the Philippine Air Force still uses some Bronco ; some civilian OV-10A are used in USA to watch the forest fires. The other Broncos are either stored or dumped . In Germany, this plane was replaced with Pilatus PC-7.PILOTE : anciens pilotes de chasse Alain BES ou JEAN LUC BEYRIE