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Noratlas N2501
Baujahr / Built in:


Pilot oder Besitzer / Pilot or owner:

Jacques Rambach

Stationiert in / Stationed in:

Marseille Marignane LFML

Motor / Engine:

Bristol Hercules
Leistung / Performance:

2068 HP per engine
Abmessungen / Measurement:

32,50m X 21,96m

Max. Abfluggewicht / Max. takeoff weight:

21700 kg

Weitere Informationen / More information

The Noratla was the first aicraft built in cooperation between France and Germany after the Second World War. 426 models have been built from 1950 to 1968.Our aircraft was built in 1956 and is the last one remaining in airworth condition, classified as "historic flying monument".