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How to find us when coming by train
Please klick here, destination is Kichheim unter Teck. If you arrive by train at Kirchheim station, you will come tu the busstops very easy. one is just in front of the station,. the next one (Marktkauf) is about 3-5 minutes walk away.

By car
Motorway ('Autobahn') A8 Stuttgart-Munich, approx. 30kmsouth-east of Stuttgart, exit 56 'Kirchheim-West' direction 'Nürtingen', after 500m turn left following sign 'Segelfluggelände Hahnweide'. Approach roads will be marked by special signs. We expect a strong afflux of visitors so why don't you use our free bus shuttles running off from and to Kirchheim/city? The bus stops will have special markings..

Coming by airplane
- Only possible for participants with an admission number! - Only airplanes which have already been accepted as participants can be admitted directly to the airfield. Other airplanes can't land at Hahnweide! Registered pilots should report to the 'C-Container' after landing where they will be given the necessary information papers.

Pilots please ask here for password

Airplanes without a participants' admission number may fly to airfield Nabern/Teck, EDTN. The controller there will call a taxi cab for you which will take you to a bus shuttle stop. This is the fastest way to come to Hahnweide as busses will have the right of way. Please don't let the taxi cab take you directly to Hahnweide - it would be too slow, and too expensive.





Straße, PLZ, Ort


Straße, PLZ, Ort