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What is the „Oldtimer Fliegertreffen“?
During the Vintage Airplanes’ Meeting „Oldtimer Fliegertreffen“ the fans of historical airplanes from all over Europe, and from overseas, meet at Hahnweide Airfield, at Kirchheim Teck, in order to discuss important issues, to fly, and celebrate their hobby. The first meeting took place in 1981 on the weekend of September 12th-13th. During the past 34 years this event has developed into one of the greatest meetings in Europe. And the entire organisational work is still being done by volunteers – the members of the flying club Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth e.V.
This meeting takes place on the first weekend of September every two years. 2015, we had to cancel the meeting. The year's break we used to reorganize the OTT and start now again in the even years by. So 2016 will see the 18 th meeting of its kind. The vintage airplanes and their pilots, who invest a great deal of money and meticulous work for the restoration and maintenance of their flying beauties, attract crowds of spectators to Hahnweide. every year.

Do they charge entrance fees?
Visitors have the chance, and this is unique in Europe, to see a cross section of the full development of aviation from 1910 to our age, not in a museum but in the air! It is a completely different adventure to hear and to smell a Blériot XI, or a Mustang P51-D, from just seeing it in static in a museum hall. To finance such a live show we demand the following entry fees:

Friday: 15,- Euro
Saturday or Sunday: 18,- Euro
Every three days: 35,- Euro
Children under 14 have free admission

Is there a fixed programme?
The display programme can be fixed only on the day of flying as we cannot say in advance which of airplanes will be presentable on a particular day. We have however arranged for participants to arrive by flying all over Friday. On Saturday and Sunday you’ll have a chance of walking around the planes on the airfield from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m.; active flying will start after 9 and go on until dark.

Will catering be available?
Yes, it will. There will be a sufficient number of catering stalls and tents organized and manned by the members of the clubs flying at Hahnweide. This will help supporting the formation of young pilots in the clubs.

What happens at night after the flying?
On Friday and Saturday nights we’ll invite you to join the stylish flyers’ parties.



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