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OTT19 18. Jul. 2018 - 11:22 Uhr

Dear friends and pilots,


Time is running! Almost two years have passed since our last Oldtimer Meeting, and yet the memories are as fresh as ever. What a week-end!

How we were covered in sweat in the September sun! Emotions were on the boil, and so were many engines! It was a week-end we’ll want to remember, and for which we still wish to thank you.

We cannot state it often enough: it is your enthusiasm that gives the Oltimer Meeting its special character. If we tried to describe it we’d find a mixture of 30 years of aerial circus, air show, street food festival, technology affinity, sound, and peaceful leisure among the most different people, who are bound together for these 3 days by their love of the smell of hot engines.

We know that we’ve kept you waiting for news for much too long. Sorry! We want to make up for this inconvenience by asking you:

What are your plans for September 13th to 15th, 2019?   (-:

If you’re still free then you’re engaged! For on just these days we’ll kick off the 19th Hahnweide Oldtimer Festival.

The Meeting will stay as it was, in form and appearance. The first talks with some participants have already been held, and as in the previous years we’ll try to offer you a great programme presenting the last century of flying history. Give us a little time to warm up our “organization-engine”, and in autumn you’ll see us  storming off with new energy, and an updated web site. There you’ll find the latest news, developments, and occasional insights into the work of our “orga”-team.

And here’s a hint for all those who don’t want to wait for so long. Go and visit the air-show of our friends at Albstadt/Degerfeld, on August 25th/26th. We have splendid contacts and cooperation with the people there, and their show is always worth visiting!

We must now say “good-bye”, with a heart full of expectations and with a slight feeling of stage-fright – “tschüss!”, and see you very soon!

Your Fliegergruppe Wolf-Hirth 

Thank you very much 13. Sep. 2016 - 09:20 Uhr
The 18th Oldtimer meeting has gone to end in
perfect weather. Many thanks to all our visitors,
pilots and supporters.
You all have done a great job!

Messerschmitt is coming... 13. Apr. 2016 - 15:13 Uhr

It really is the Bf (Me) 109 G-4 and the Me 262 B1-A. We are delighted with the commitment from the Museum of Flight Messerschmitt. Both machines are flying over to the demonstration from Manching.

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