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Hahnweide Old Airplanes‘ Meeting 2015 Cancelled 25. Okt. 2014 - 21:44 Uhr
Dear Friends of the Hahnweide Old Airplanes‘ Meeting,
When on September 12nd-13rd, 1981, the first “Oldtimer-Fliegertreffen” was launched at Hahnweide Airfield by the members of Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth e.V. nobody could predict that it would develop into such a great, and internationally renowned event. During the past 33 years the members of the glider club have been organizing 17 Oldtimer Meetings in a two-years’-sequence, without a break. He last meeting took place in 2013. This lasting success of the Oldtimer Meeting was only made possible by the loyal support of the participants, visitors, and voluntary helping hands. We’d like to thank them all.
The efforts in time and personal engagement for organizing such a monstrous event are undescribable, and demand a maximum of engagement from both the club and the numerous helpers. “After the event is before the (next) event”. Thus the time needed for preparations amounts to two years.  We’ve always tried to further develop the meeting and to optimize the procedures. The obligations imposed by the authorities however were continuously rigorized when a permission was to be obtained, like the approval for the project. This led not only to an increased work load but also to an explosion in costs, in connection with the hazards of the weather. For all these reasons, and after a change in personal resources our little club has reached a limit for the bearable burdens. We therefore decided not to organize an Oldtimer Meeting for 2015. This didn’t come as an easy decision for us. We simply found that we need time to get re-organized.
It is clear to us that many of our loyal visitors and pilots will be disappointed. We ask you for your understanding. We want to keep the meeting alive, and we’re working hard to find a future-oriented solution. And we’ll keep you informed if you look at our homepage (www.oldtimer-hahnweide). Stay with us and visit the next Oldtimer Meeting Hahnweide.
Kirchheim unter Teck, in October 2014
Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth e.V.

OTT13 is now history 12. Dez. 2013 - 07:45 Uhr

Hello friends,

 „The 17th Oldtimer Fliegertreffen At Hahnweide Is Now History“.

In this form I usually said my sincere thanks to you all after the meetings I organized! This sentence is now almost a tradition, and saying my thanks to you is my sincere desire.

After some hard times for all of us we’ve finally spent a beautiful, relaxed, and thank god accident-free 17th Oldtimer Fliegertreffen here at the Hahnweide in a favourable weather. And all this in the memory of two of us who couldn’t be with us any longer although they were present all the time in our thoughts:

Klaus Lenhart and Holger Fritz.

Klaus, Holger, I know that you would have enjoyed this event, and all the time I had a feeling as though you were present. We’re missing you so much!

As I was busy doing lots of work in the aftermath of the meeting, which will also be the case in the next few months I went on a holiday first thing after the meeting. Then normal work took over again, ans so it took me some time to write this article. I hope to have your sympathy.

First of all: thanks for the countless e-mails and letters I received from my fellow club members, from the other clubs at Hahnweide, authorities and participants, visitors, old hands and journalists, and many more people throughout the world. After working on a project for more than 2000 hours in two years, and seeing then that (almost) everything runs according to schedule one is especially pleased by such feed-back. Be assured that I shared this gratitude with my comrades!

We all were highly motivated to offer to the participants, our guests from all over the world, and our visitors a varied and safe event. I think we have achieved this goal, and I want to thank all people involved. Even the weather played fair J.

My thanks go in the first place to the pilots of both sexes and their families who arrived here on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and even on  Sunday with their treasured airplanes, profiting from the good weather. Thanks for your fantastic displays, your friendship, and your „good airmanship“, it was a real treat. And thanks for the superb parties on Friday and Saturday!

Thanks to Christophe Bruneliere, Hugues Duval as well as Jack Krine who flew at he Hahnweide for the first time, and were a real enrichment to the show with their wonderful presentations. Thanks also to Wilhelm Heinz who made his first trip to the Hahnweide in his Mustang. Many thanks to our friends the Flying Bulls who, lead by Raimund Riedmann, came to the Hahnweide with all the support they could master, not only in the air. Thanks to Radka and her pilots who came here from Mollis on Saturday evening.

How nice thet Klaus Plasa came here in spite of the failure of the „Rote 7“. Klaus and Volker (Radon), please come and join us in 2015 whith all you’ve got J! Christophe Jacquard was so sad that a failure of the breaks on his Spitfire couldn’t be repaired in the short run. Alain Bes also had to cancel two days before the meeting due to engine trouble on his Bronco. It’s a pity for all these planes but as I said in my last bulletin, this can happen any time in the vintage airplanes business. Bill Charney suffered an injury on his tendons a few weeks before the meeting and thus couldn’t present his Staggerwing . Good recovery Bill!

In spite of the marvellous weather at the Hahnweide some more pilots couldn’t make it to the Hahnweide after technical failures or because of bad weather conditions on the trip. Let’s try again in 2015!

After a regrettable incident while pushing the P 38 out into the field the technical team Red Bull around Anthony Hill started repairing the tail planes of the airplane, and after some days the „technical release“ could be given.

On Monday morning Daniel Koblet and Laurent Calame flew back home, and Peter Teichmann passed over Belgium back to England. His technician Chris was taken to Stuttgart airport already on Sunday by Trevor Archer since his house was on fire!. Sorry Chris, I hope you and your family are well!

Mikael Carlson unmounted his two airplanes on Monday and started on Tuesday on his long journey back to Sweden together with Gunilla (who got a light injury while catching the wingtip of the D VII after her last display – Thank you, doctors Wolfgang Kirsch and Harald Fritz). Our friends from Hungary, with Tomas Rohacs also put their planes in the trailers and drove back to Budapest. Marwig flew back to Oberschleißheim in his Waco, Thomas (Koch) brought his  Rapide back home. Many thanks to you!!!!!

Thanks to god, all the damaged planes are repaired now and back at their home airfields. Christoph Fischer also found a warm week-end to take his Piper PA 12 back to Mauterndorf.

Raimund Riedmann flew the Lightning to Salzburg via Hohenems, observed by many spectators (news spread fast! … J) on 22th Sept 2013 offering them a spectacular departure from Hahnweide. Raimund, please tell your wonderful team that we thank them all, and we’re are looking forward to seing them in 2015!

Many thanks to Hanshelmut Thiele and „Walters Vögel“ (the former national team)  who achieved a tremendous revival of their parachutists’ success by jumping from the NORATLAS. Marwig Herzog (a former member of the team, like Walter Eichhorn) could be on the airplane as a crew memberJ.

Thanks to Christoph Gottwald who recorded the jumping with his team for SERVUS-TV. If I learn in time when the movie will be broadcast I’ll publish the date here.

Many thanks to Marwig and Frank Herzog (who are in no way related to each other’s families) who used the WACO on all three days to take aerial photos.

As early as Monday evening there was practically no trace of the show to be recognized at the Hahnweide thanks to the many “old hands” of the team around Bodo and Felix. Thank you!

Many thanks to our faithful spectators some of whom came from far away (one came from Peru to fly on board a Junker 52…), who were goo-humoured, interested, well-informed, and highly motivated. As early as on Tuesday did the first camping cars arrive, and no hotels rooms were available around Kirchheim.

Great contributions and feed-back. There were some commentaries I didn’t really understand but that’s perhaps my fault J. But it’s obvious that YOU liked it.

I hope you all had a safe return journey and made a fat entry in your organizers: The 18th Oldtimer Fliegertreffen Hahnweide will take place from September 04th to 06th, 2015.

I’m sorry I have to say that again there were some spectators (fewer in number this year, thanks to god) who didn’t miss an excuse, stupid as it may be, to dodge from paying the entry fees. Here I apologize to all those who “had to climb over fences or even throw them over”, who had to squeeze through corn fields, bushes and hedges in order to hide from our club members who were busy collecting the fees, those who had to invent ever more exotic excuses and were deep in stress. And all of this on account of 16 €!? What a pity.

Why don’t you just plan another pass-time for 2015?

Thanks for the smooth co-operation with the administration of the municipality of our home town Kirchheim/Teck, with Mayor Mrs. Angelika Matt-Heidecker and the first councillor Günther Riemer, for their support, assisted by – among many others - Christoph Latzecky, Herr Deger and Herr Beck, thank to the adjacent communites and the district heads, the owners of agricultural areas used for parking, and many others! Thanks to the regional flying associations: the Baden Württembergische Luftfahrtverband e.V. and the manager of its flying school Tobias Krüger. Nico Ruwe of Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH and the employees of the Deutschen Flugsicherung at Stuttgart airport and in the area control centre Langen – my thanks go to you all!

The KWB Betankungsgesellschaft refuelling company of airport was of great help, indeed, and so were  Werner Helm and seine Crew of Flugtechnik Stuttgart GmbH, offering technical support in so many cases.

Our partners fromthe regional aeronautical authorities, Landesluftfahrtbehörde, Regierungs-präsidium Stuttgart, Frau Schlatter, Frau Veigel, Frau Kuder and Herr Kalbfell accompanied us through the festival in a fair and easy-going fashion, and gave us their full support. No trace of a restrictive application of the legal background! We could organize every problem in direct coordination. Many thanks!

The RedCross Section here DRK, supervised by Andreas Schober, and our emergency doctors Thilo Haug, Georg Preu and wife Susi, the fire brigade under the command of Roland Schultheiß, Michael Briki and Michael Heyde, the police with Thomas Pitzinger, and S.O.B. SECURITAS under the leadership of Michael Mohrenwieser contributed a great deal to the success of the meeting, thank you very much! Thomas Wisst and his drivers of OVK traffic services assured fast and frictionless transport to and from Hahnweide with their shuttle buses. Thanks also to Mr Siegmund Freitag of DB Regio railway, and to his team.

My special thanks to the „external“ helpers from the surrounding communities, the friends of the motor-flying school „Freunde der Motorflugschule des BWLV e.V.“ and FB Nabern, who were active both at Hahnweide and at Nabern airfield for those visitors who arrived by airplane.

Jochen Haas, Steffi Senglaub, Roland Kokot, Peter Ludl, as well as Thorsten, Benni, Malte and Marc in the TOWER, always friendly, knowledgeable, and even in hectic situations during the many approaches and arrivals friendly but with a clear mind. This was once more top quality!

Jörg, Jochen and Dirk on the speakers’ tower, 3 days of pure emotions in spite of the heat on Friday and Saturday from  09:00 to almost 20:00 hrs, enormous knowledge and the ability to comment “without words” when need arose. And always ready for a hot remark. Boys that was really exciting, many thanks! Phrases like “air would be nothing alse but air without the planes in it” have achieved cult status. Sometimes I was really overwhelmed. … J

Thank you to all the flyers from the other Hahnweide Flying Clubs, to our old and new Caterers, the Klink Firm from Friedrichshafen with manager Frau Klink-Eberhard, and to our publican Salvatore.

Thanks to Uwe Hausdörfer who organized the entire supply in beveredges.Thanks for the Rock`n Roll on Friday night with the „Bang Bags“, the „Rumblers“ on Saturday night, and of course Rainer Mugrauer and his „indoor Flight-Show“.

Thank you especially to the Ratzel Family of  Autohaus Ratzel GmbH at Zell unterm Aichelberg who offered almost all the shuttle buses and allowed us to use their washing street! J. And thanks to Herr Russ of Autohaus Mercedes Russ and Roland Klement of Porschezentrum Filderstadt for the cars!

Thanks to Timo Süßand his crew of HKS Beschallungen for the sound installations and the illuminated flightline, Neckartal Quad for quad cars, Andreas and Georg Walter for electric devices and electronics as well as Erich and Steffen Keppler of KEPPLER REISEN who managed to get the Junkers 52 passengers from Dübendorf to Hahnweide and back again. In addition Steffen, as team leader pilot shuttle, worked until late into the night and in the early hours to take the pilots to their hotels and back.Many thanks!

Thanks to the companies Döbler and Schmittinger for providing us with spezial use vehicles.

Please don’t bear a grudge on me in case I forgot to mention someone. Thank you all !!

My special thanks to my team and the members of Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth e.V. who are always a reliable group. Even in times of stress we did some sensationally good work! Like in the previous years it was a pleasure to see you in action! What I like particularly much is the fact that our youths is so fully integrated in the event, showing a high degree of responsibility! Thank you all so very much.

But let me mention some of them by name, without any thought to cheapen the merits of the others.

There’s in the first place my deputy Felix Breckel to be mentioned! In spite of all the stress in his job, mainly on account of the grail catastrophy over the region and health problems worked with me all through the year for this meeting 2013. As leader of the ground services he arranged for everything to run smoothly. In many conferences „in a small circle“ (3-4 persons) he was a prodigious adviser and executive. And once more we noticed that many initiatives can lead to great practicable and safe solutions, without the need for long discussions. Many thanks Felix!

The next one to have my sincere gratefulness is Bodo Bleichner! He’s belonged to the inner circle since 2009 and he is the deputy manager of ground services and thus my personal deputy. He is our security officer and he also controls the branches „Merchandising“ and „Security services“ and many more! Bodo, Felix and I were very busy arranging the safety procedures, already long before the meeting. And all this in addition to the job, and in our leisure time! Bodo often managed to calm me down with a comment like „all’s well that ends well“! His motto: act, don’t talk.

Bodo, you’re a wonderful friend, thank you very much indeed!

No meeting and the preparations thereof would be possible without Markus Kottler and Ewald Veygel, who were engaged with the problems of parking, accessing the airfield area, departing. Thanks to their meticulous work everything went smoothly.

Markus is a very keen and thoughtful advisor and manager. I can’t think of a meeting without his assistance. Many thanks!

Stefan Kessler is the person who gives the meeting its “face”.Whatever printed media or internet sites were connected with the event were designed by him! In recent years he used to make the DVDs but this year he won’t be able to spare the time and production, sorry! We are however preparing an OTT-Kalender 2014 which you can buy at Werner Irlbeck’s (http://www.irl-shop.de/) Thank you!

Rainer Rauch der mit seiner Gelassenheit die Betreuung der Presse aus aller Welt bereits lange vorher übernommen hat und mich dadurch wunderbar entlastet hat. Danke!

Wolle“ Frank Wollmershäuser was successful, as usual, airfield organizing ground vehicles, and he did it in his own typical manner: charming but obstinate. Thanks Wolle, perfectly well done!

Both my sons Marc and Patrick had been my advisors and critics for two years, and anyone who has got sons knows how pitiless bat effective such a co-operation can be J….

Together we planned, organized, and performed a fantastic show. The OTT has been a conversation topic during the meals for months. And it was fun!  Marc helped with the tower work and the display schedules, Patrick as my personal assistant helped me at all stages of the preparations and planning, and relieved of a load of touble during the meeting.

I thank you very muchfor your support!

At the very end of this treaty I say my special thanks to my wife Gudrun who lived through all the phases of the meeting with me, endured all the highs and lows, gave me advice and eventually didn’t have as much fun as the rest of the family because she often had to go without us. You are simply magnificent my darling, what would I do without you! Thank you so much!

Now then after a few more cleaning-up work the Oldtimer Fliegertreffen 2013 will really be history. By the beginning of  2014 work will go on with the preparations for 2015!

Be well until the middle of 2014 when we’ll start again preparing the 18th Oldtimer Fliegertreffen at the Hahnweide from September 04th to 06th and bring this web site back to life,


Yours sincerely,


Hans Puskeiler

Bulletin No. 4 3. Sep. 2013 - 14:00 Uhr

Hallo dear friends,

we’re on the final run now!

All of us are looking forward to offer you loads of fun with a fascinating event at Hahnweide airfield. We prepared a variety of beautiful and especially safe highlights for this week-end..

As I said in the last bulletin, old airplanes are capricious and there’s always the possibility that a system doesn’t work properly so that the best planning becomes obsolete.

That’s what happened in the case of the Messerschmidt „Rote 7“ (whose looks and painting are admirable – and which has never been considered as a platform for experimenting with an electric engine or a turbine J). A technical failure of the engine forced Klaus Plasa to make a masterly performed emergency landing in a wheat field, which caused some damage which can be repaired but not in time for the meeting. Most important, however: Klaus Plaza wasn’t injured! Our friends around Volker Radon are already busy establishing a detailed repair schedule in order to restore full airworthiness. This will take time and above all money... let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that no bad surprise turns up that we’ll see the „Rote 7“ and other planes in 2015 in the sky over Hahnweide. Many thanks to the Messerschmitt foundation und the Team around Volker Radon, who are giving their best to preserve these fabulous airplanes.

Mikael Carlson also made an unexpected off-field landing in his Bleriot on Saturday, near Dittingen, and his Blériot won’t be available for the show. I’m glad that nothing serious happened to Mikael – he will in any case be able to display his Fokker D VII at the Hahnweide meeting. Maybe we can make both Fokkers, the DR 1 and the D VII, fly together! 

I’ll be pleased to see our old friends from the Check Republic, the Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team with their leader Radka Machova and team director  Martin Nepovim.. They will arrive from Mollis on Saturday evening and present their wonderful aerobatics formation of four Zlin Z50 on Sunday! We’ve seen them before, and it was great!

They’ll arrive together with more planes from Mollis as for instance the Spitfire of Stephen Stead, the Mustang of Christoph Nöthiger and Andy Bickmore`s Yak3UM.

With a bit of luck we’ll manage to get all the three Mustangs to perform together in the sky over Hahnweide. Of course it won’t be a formation, which needs a lot of training beforehand, but a few low passes in quick succession should be possible if the three pilots agree. We’ll keep you informed on our web site.

A really superb presentation awaits us when Hugues Duval and Jack Krine will display their two Fouga Magisters of the Patrouille Tranchant. They will fly to Hahnweide from Rennes on Friday afternoon. Since they aren’t allowed to land at Hahnweide they’ll take off from Stuttgart for their show. 

Same for Jacques Rambach and Michel Beaudoin and their team, they’ll turn up over Hahnweide with the  Noratlas from Marseille on Friday afternoon, and fly on to Stuttgart after a short greeting circuit. 

I cannot as yet promise that the parachute jumpers can make it for Hahnweide – let’s wait patiently.

„Walters Vögel“,  a formation parachute jumping team  with World Championships experience from the seventies, will offer a new  experience, for a change. Walter Eichhorn and Marwig Herzog belong to the group of old-time pilots some of whom will jump out of the sky with a movie team for SERVUS –TV at the week-end.

We’ll publish a preliminary programme  on our  web site „under reservation of change“ and update it according to the circumstances (weather, …).

There are still some seats available in the JU 52 which will fly back to Dübendorf on Friday afternoon and Monday morning. If you’re interested  please contact our passenger flights director Ute Schmidt as fast as possible via: this link

Still I have some words to say:

Please stick to the instructions which our marshals and parking guides will give you. They act according to well-planned procedures and merit your full respect!

Stay fair and pay (if possible without starting unpleasant discussions) your entry fees – they are modest in comparison with the fees for similar events throughout Europe!

If you’re not prepared to pay for seeing this extraordinary display you should consider staying at home.

Access to the flight area and the flight line can only be granted to accredited journalists with a written confirmation by Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth. A simple Journalist’s Card isn’t enough!

And one more request to pilots who couldn’t be admitted to Hahnweide due to the large number of applications: I must explicitely insist that landing at Hahnweide is only possible for vintage aircraft with a written permission issued by myself!

Now let this be enough for the time being..

I wish you a safe arrival and a nice stay at Hahnweide!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


Hans Puskeiler

Managing director

Oldtimer Fliegertreffen


Bulletin No.3 4. Jul. 2013 - 14:40 Uhr

Hello dear Oldtimer pilots, 

hello dear friends, 

hello dear supporters of the Oldtimer Vintage Airplanes’ Meeting at Hahnweide!


We have some more news for you!


Since September we invested a lot of working hours into the initial planning, into the required construction works, in performing a large-scale emergency and rescue simulation including a revision of our security standards, we almost finished presenting these arrangements to the authorities, rescue services and many more organizations concerned. Now it’s about time to prepare schedules for the approval of our display timing for the 17th Oldtimer Fliegertreffen at Hahnweide airfield. I give my thanks to all those who helped establish a really goal-orientated cooperation – especially many thanks to our town’s council, to the aeronautical federation of Baden-Württemberg, and to the local authority, Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart! 


Our friend Bodo even took a course for becoming a „certified safety expert“.


Before the meeting starts we’ll have to modify two existing escape routes and also enhance the grass areas, which are soaked with rain at the time being ! We arestill looking for a club or an organisation which could help us with the car park! If any-one has a good idea please contact us using this channel:  



In the last bulletin I already mentioned that many pilots would like to come to Hahnweide in their own airplanes. I’m afraid we had to tell off many pilots flying non-vintage planes. We have no other choice, sorry to say, because space at the Hahnweide is really limited! 


But our friends at Nabern/Teck (EDTN) will keep their airfield open over the meeting. Pilots who want to land there will however have to apply for an approval for Special Use of this restricted site, just mail to: info@fb-nabern.de .

It’s only a short ride by taxi cab or shuttle bus to go from Nabern to Hahnweide. 


In the last bulletin I described how difficult it is to make reliable long-term arrangements involving these beautiful old airplanes - an experience we often made over the last few years. And it’s the same again now: 


We had strong hopes that the Messerschmidt Foundation would send the Rote 7 and the Me 262 as well as the Gelbe 3, as in 2011.


Now the Rote 7 will already arrive on Friday, directly from Manching and into the display, and will presumably fly her show on Saturday and Sunday, departing from Stuttgart. 


The Me 262 is encountering some technical problems and won’t fly in any external air shows  due to technical modifications and subsequent test flights.


The Gelbe 3 had engine troubles which couldn’t yet be solved. So it’s clear she can’t fly any air shows! 


Many thanks to Volker Radon and his team of the Messerschmitt Foundation, and to the firm Cassidian, who are working on the problems with all their energy but, „so is life with old airplanes“!. We’re looking forward to 2015!


Last Friday I got Mikael Carlson’s consent to present his Bleriot (he’ll be at Dittingen over the week-end before our meeting: http://www.flugtage.ch, and he’ll also bring his Fokker DVII so there’s a good chance that he will fly a double feature programme with Thomas Koch and his Fokker DR I Dreidecker!


Only yesterday did I book Christophe Brunelierre’s   Douglas AD-4N Skyraider

from Avignon. This will be Christophe’s first visit to Hahnweide.  


Daniel Koblet has also agreed to bring his Morane D-3801 from Bex and will arrive – as usual – together with the Grumman Avenger!


Possibly we’ll also enjoy the visit of the Superconstellation from Switzerland. It is expected to arrive directly from Switzerland. 


I had a dream to achieve a formation flight of the new military transport Airbus A400M and the JU 52, the NORATLAS from Marseille and a Transall (an idea of Ludger Bette, Marwig Herzog and myself born over of a glass of wine ) but at the moment the dream can’t come true as the Airbus is still suffering from the last certification problems so it won’t be allowed to join us at the meeting. It’s clear that it wouldn’t make a good “Oldtimer” but I’m still following this track.  


As for the NORATLAS, we’ve got some special plans with it... I’ll tell you more in the next bulletin. 


This year we are in co-operation with the impressive Dornier Museum at Friedrichshafen, and I had long talks with its director  Mr. Bethold Porath, Unfortunately the Do-24 has at present an engine trouble and it is still not sure whether it will be in flying condition by September. The museum are presently preparing the „Do-Days” on August 10th  and 11th, 2013 .

Now this is a something to set your mind frame for the Hahnweide meeting!


We also hope to present a survey of the Dornier types all through the company’s history. Let yourselves be surprised!  


As you can see we are about to set up a magnificent programme for you. Many items are still in preparation and some surprises are a-waiting! And to say it again, we don’t want to top the bill but we’re going to offer to our pilots and visitors, a safe event in a beautifully set framework, and a varied overview of the history of aviation. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger!


The Flying Mens’ Party will again present some cool „hot“ bands. On Friday night the BangBags will enchant the audience with their genuine and unparallelled  „unplugged rock´n’ roll“.  Rainer Mugrauer will again present his aeronautical wonders. 


On Saturday „The Ramblers“ will play in the Wolf Hirth hangar, and Rainer Mugrauer will fascinate us with his indoor model airplanes and other curiosities..


Dear friends, please keep your fingers crossed so that we’ll be able to fulfil our promises. Be assured that we’ll do our very best to organize  a picturesque, thrilling and safe air show.


Best wishes from Hahnweide, and let’s meet in September when it will again be:


- Augenweide, Ohrenweide, Hahnweide - A treat for your eyes, a treat for your ears, a treat for the Hahnweide!


Yours faithfully,


Hans Puskeiler


Managing director

Oldtimer Fliegertreffen




Hahnweide, June 01st 2013





Bulletin No. 2 29. Apr. 2013 - 08:21 Uhr

Hello dear ‘oldtimer’ pilots,

hello dear friends,

hello dear fans of the Oldtimer Flieger Treffen at Hahnweide Airfield

A quick glance at our website may have shown you that the list of participants has turned up as soon as never before. It will gradually grow until September although we originally intended to build up some tension between you and us.  Anyway it’s quite different this year.

 This is partly due to the fact that entry requests were logged in as early as never before, according to the motto, „Early bird …”.

 I must state this clearly here: This is not a fly-in which any-one with any kind of airplane can come but a meeting of vintage aircraft on a small airfield (Special Use Airfield with PPR status!), with limited possibilities as far as the number of participants is concerned. So I’m afraid I had the reject a great deal of the requests. I’m awfully sorry about this but it’s the only way to keep the event in its actual form alive.

 At the last meeting it became already necessary to reject several requests. Nevertheless six of these pilots ‘cheated’ their way into the meeting with their airplanes, without participant’s number or PPR-permission. Es war ja bereits beim letzten Mal schon notwendig viele Anfragen abzulehnen. We could just avoid that legal action was taken against them but we reserve the right to do so because it is a problematic situation for us, which calls for action. Even if we deeply regret it.

Well, gentlemen, be good sports and don’t get us into trouble!

I think you may have noticed that we’re making our best efforts to offer you a well-balanced programme which comprises and reflects all domains of our magnificent sport. It is not our aim to top the bill after last year’s success but to prepare a fascinating event with all the possibilities we can master.

In recent years we had to learn that the old ladies stars are rather capricious in view of their airworthiness, sometimes they completely fail to do their duty due to technical problems, or are just sold to a new owner. As an example we had to learn last year that Christophe Jacquard had surprisingly sold his Corsair to the States and it was the same with the one from Lahr - that's life!

After the accidents of the last two years regulations have become tougher. But we are on good terms with all the parties concerned, and feel optimistic, after the talks we had, that we can organize the meeting to your satisfaction.

 In February I attended a meeting of the "European Airshow Council" in Antwerpen, where I met a lot of our participants and the top people among among air-show organizers rom allover the world' in a leisurely atmosphere. I could establish some valuable contacts which may lead to some new surprises in the air display. So Michael Carlson will possibly present two of his planes. The Royal Jordanian Falcons, who won't be with us this year, are sending their best wishes J.and I hope I can invite a team from Roumania, manage a visit of the Super Connie, and so forth...

Let me keep the tension up for a little while, I have some great acts up my sleeve!

 The bookings of seats on the four Junkers 52 are going well. If you'd like to book one of the remaining seats hurry up: there's still a chance for the flight from Dübendorf to Hahnweide, or back in the afternoon, on Friday 6th, using the shuttle bus, or for a sightseeing trip at Hahnweide, or the trip back to Dübendorf on Monday morning. Or you can offer someone a gift voucherJ! Look here for information.

Now keep your fingers crossed for a succcessful planning! Be assured that we'll do our best to prepare a varied, compulsive, and secure event for you!

Best wishes, and don't forget to join us in September when it will again be:


- Augenweide, Ohrenweide, Hahnweide - A treat for your eyes, a treat for your ears, a Hahnweide treat!


Yours faithfully,

Hans Puskeiler

Managing director

Oldtimer Fliegertreffen


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