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Welcome to the official 55st Hahnweide 2023 homepage.
We warmly welcome our participants from Austria, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany,
France, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherland, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, United Kingdom, South Africa


Last competition day
Saturday, 20. May 2023 - 08:40

Good morning dear competitors, busy helpers and spectators of the 55th International Hahnweide Competition. Are you well slept and ready for the last competition day?

Day 8

Briefing 10 am. The grid starts at 9 am. All classes will fly again today.


Stunning pictures by Markus
Friday, 19. May 2023 - 20:33

 Want to see more photos?

Fotos von Markus


Markus Völter has provided us with beautiful photos from the 5th scoring day. Here comes season 1 with over 200 photos of the grid + takeoff. Have fun looking at them!

Sweet moments
Friday, 19. May 2023 - 14:00

Delicious home-baked fruit cakes, freshly made coffee and more - right here at the Wolf-Hirth hangar.


Come and join us! We will be happy to see you!


No competition day for all classes
Friday, 19. May 2023 - 12:53

Due to the poor weather, the double seater and open class have now also been cancelled for today.

We wish all pilots a relaxing day. We will see you tomorrow, refreshed and motivated, for the last competition day.


Photos from yesterday's final glide
Friday, 19. May 2023 - 12:04

These beautiful photos were taken yesterday by an external photographer from the Dettinger Buckel. If you are interested, you can buy the photos in high resolution. Please inform me (Kathrin) - I will then forward the request directly to the photographer Martin Hermann.



More photos by M. Hermann HERE.

No competition day for Standard- 15m and 18m class
Friday, 19. May 2023 - 11:09

The 2-seater and Open Class will receive another briefing at 12 noon.

Due to the humid air masses moving in from the south-east and the high degree of overcast, meteorologist Jupp sees very little chance of a competition day today. As the 2-seater and Open classes have only 2 valid scoring days so far, they remain on hold. The other 3 classes have been neutralised for today.


For tomorrow, the chances are good that there will be a nice last competition day.

Winner of yesterday
Friday, 19. May 2023 - 10:30






All results you will find HERE.

After briefing: photo with all participants
Friday, 19. May 2023 - 09:12

Today we would like to take a photo with all participants (pilots, crew members, volunteers etc.) of the 55th International Hahnweide Competition - traditionally like every year.

Please show up directly after the briefing in front of the office of the competition management. If you want to wear team clothes - please bring them already to the briefing.

Briefing at 10:00
Friday, 19. May 2023 - 09:03

Good morning to everybody!


Today no gridding before briefing. Briefing at 10 a.m.

Today in the grid
Thursday, 18. May 2023 - 18:12

What an exciting and once again challenging 3rd day of competition!

While we are still waiting for the complete scoring, here are a few photos from Stephan (Team France):


Tilo Holighaus receives a Father's Day flower in the cockpit from his daughter Charlotte. After that Tilo flew highly motivated and was leading the field of the 18m class by far and on his own until shortly before the end. Unfortunately he ran out of thermals 16k before the airfield... Dear Charlotte, please give a bigger flower next time so that it will inspire daddy until the end ;-)


Today, on Father's Day, there were many big spectators as well as very small ones.

More photos by Stephan can be found HERE.

Pictures of Kathrin HERE.


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The 55th HWW is over!

Webcam auf der Hahnweide

Sunrise local: 5:45
Sunset local: 21:13